A story of
tradition and innovation

Lorad rooted in the past, but never stopped to look at the future and being the interpreter of market trends. Founded in the 90’ s our businnes reality has gone through different historical stages up to the current situation. Today our company placed in Coccaglio (Brescia), has the latest machinery, as die castings and silicon rubber mould plants, a result achieved thanks to the trust granted by our customers and the constant research of excellence in terms of precision, finishing and performance of the finished product.

After more than 25 years of business we are sure to satisfy the most different business needs in the field of fashion accessories, carefully as always to the latest trends and changes of style and tendency of the great audience.

In the forefront providing buckles and accessories

Technology has been part of us since the beginning of our company. If we are still competitive in terms of prices and quality of the product is because we never stopped investing in machinery, equipments and research,  continuing to develop internally prototypes in an almost infinite range of models. Customers who choose Lorad for supplying zamak buckles for belts and bags will have a full support during all the production steps, from the preliminary advise to the delivery of goods, in addition to a promt after sales service for any requests.

from idea to product

More value to     your projects

The controlled molding process allows us to manage high volumes of work with the minimal notice, a prerogative that only a few Italian companies can ensure.

In Lorad showrooms are about 1500 folders with a few thousand buckles on display, an overview that is only a part of what has been produced in the last few years.

We are ready to support leather goods companies and Italian & foreign fashion brands for long-term projects, aware of the value of our offer and a service that provides the complete customization of the buckle. Let yourself be guided by Lorad’ s experience and discover how we can help your business.

Manufacturing of zamak buckles and moulding on behalf of third parties

The manufacturing of buckles for belts and bags represents our current core business. The proposed solutions are obtained by fashion companies, especially those of leather goods.
We sell both European maket, Italy ahead, to a lesser extent and the rest of the world, for example United States of America and Canada.

The Italian manufacturing quality is one of our greatest pride and is what is most appreciated by our customers.

With 10 million of accessories produced every year, we are among the best active Italian companies and leading fashion accessories firm, also thanks to the extremely advantageous pricing & conditions for all.